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Questo pedale dall’aspetto di una classica scatola offre una vasta gamma di distorsioni sonore da un tono sottile, caldo, valvolare, fino ad un overdrive ruggente e bollente, con quel sustain vintage e il tono classico con cui sei cresciuto.

A note from CCR's stage manager Tommy Mack:

Hey Willy, Thanks a bunch for sending the new pedals. I finally had time between the road and home to check 'em out.  They are awesome!

I think these boxes sound like the original versions (MXR) but, better. more of a vintage/modern sound and clearly more attention to the highs and lows that are expected by players with an ear for that (If anyone can still hear..ha!). The distortion (gold) was a blast from the past with a modern touch...just fun as hell. Loved the phase as well, the cycles were smooth and very pronounced. All in all you've got a great product on your hands and I hope you have mucho success partner. Thanks a bunch again from all of us at the CCR camp for being so helpful and accommodating.




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